Surely you are a creator of original content, capable of transmitting your ideas and you feel proud of the texts you have written. In short, you are a crack. We already know that over time we tend to seek comfort and neglect writing. Therefore, we want to remind you of 5 bad writing habits that you need to change so that your texts are more attractive and achieve 100% empathy with your readers. Take note that we started!

5 Bad writing habits you need to change

  1. Do not dedicate enough time to write

It may sound contradictory, but devote little time to develop your content directly affects the quality of your articles. The speed leads to use a hasty and careless language that your readers will notice, and can leave in the background the research work behind each text. The biggest oversight can be a poor choice of words, spelling errors or exchange letters with each other.

Solution everything begins by recognizing that your writing is the visible part of a laborious work, you must dedicate time as if from another part of the process, to review the grammar, the language, and the spelling.

It may be obvious, but using your word processor’s corrector may show you some errors that you may have missed, and making a second reading of the finished text will avoid more than one dislike.

  1. Write for your readers, instead of for you

Writing as you would like them to write to you is the first step to success. You have to be careful, what we find funny, entertaining or fun can be heavy, empty or have no interest in our audience.

This does not mean you should not be creative, but you should evaluate your work to know if the choice of words is useful for users who read your texts.

Solution Your readers will not value your texts for being funny or creative, so, forget about writing for yourself and write for your audience adding value to your writing being concise and direct. For example, if you are looking for a bank of images, you do not want 4 paragraphs about Creative Commons licenses, you want the name of the image bank, the link and a brief analysis about that image bank, later, if you want to explain something about photographic licenses, It’s the moment.

  1.  Misuse of conjunctions

Conjunctions are words or sets of words whose function is to link words or sentences. One of the most expanded habits is the overuse of conjunctions that do not add anything to the phrase and make them lose their meaning.

Using conjunctions (and, but, because, until and or) at the beginning of a sentence is a lazy way to write unless you are connecting two ideas.

The solution when finalizing the writing of a text does not forget to review it to locate the misunderstood conjunctions and change them for words that bring a greater agreement to your writing before sending it anywhere.

  1. Overexcitement in your content

Bravo! That is the way! Yeah! Getting your content to be fun is the purpose that every editor considers when writing each text, how you get it depends on the ability of each writer but the answer is not in the aggressive use of exclamation points or capitalization.

The repeated use of exclamation marks is uncomfortable for readers who notice an overexcitement in the text and do not understand what is due. If you want to show emphasis it is better to use words that bring speed and enthusiasm.

Solution Avoid using exclamation points unless absolutely necessary, especially if you are dealing with a topic that is not fun. Think of the true meaning of the signs of admiration and if you are using them correctly. If not, delete them.

  1. Write as if they paid you for a word

We understand that writing long texts and with the main keyword on many occasions is positive to correctly position your content. In fact, writing concisely is more difficult than writing long detours to reach the same conclusion.

Solution Write the first draft, take the scissors and make the text more concise without losing its essence. Reread it and cut it until its cool. Remember to write to attract your audience and not as if they paid you for words.

Extra tips

If you want to create suspense, it is fine to use the ellipses, which as its name suggests serve to give suspense, but use them correctly. The rule says that there are three points that are aligned, neither more nor less.

With these 5 tips, you will be able to redirect your bad writing habits and make them very attractive to your readers.

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