The actions Black Hat SEO are actions that mocking the indications of Google seek to achieve a better positioning. The problem with using these measures is that sooner rather than later you will be discovered by Google’s algorithms and you can be penalized, with what that entails.

In this article, we will know the main Black Hat SEO actions to avoid falling into their networks involuntarily.

Getting a fast positioning can be very sweet, but the candy can become bitter if we are hunted by Google and finally penalized.

Follow these guidelines to avoid falling into the clutches of Black Hat SEO .

1. Buy links

 The quality links favor the positioning of the websites, hence many sites have tried to use this advantage to climb quickly position on search engines.

However, buying links to point to your domain is a waste of time and money. The Penguin algorithm automatically penalizes all the pages that it detects that they are buying and selling these links.

The goal of SEO positioning is that the creators of content themselves have to make an effort to get those links. A correct Link building strategy is one that seeks links through quality content, pages that are related to the theme of the web or content or through its viralization on social networks.

2. Duplicate content

Perhaps the most unconsciously used practice on the part of the editors is the creation and use of duplicate content. The Google Panda algorithm is responsible for detecting and penalizing duplicate content that has been obtained from other websites, for example, copying an entire article from another website. However, a trend is emerging in which the content of the web page itself is duplicated in other pages with the aim of indexing the content.

If Google detects content duplication practices, it penalizes the affected web pages with non-indexing and the loss of positions in the ranking.

2. Keyword Stuffing

The density of keywords or keyword stuffing is a black hat SEO technique that consists of writing excessively a certain number of keywords in order to give more relevance to this keyword. Google establishes that from 15% of density begins to penalize the pages, although in a practical way it is advised that it does not exceed 5%.

To avoid this type of negative action, you have to write naturally, thinking of the user and using well-synthesized information or resources as synonyms.

4. Hide content

 Imagine that you are sweeping your house and hiding the dust under the carpet, the dust is still there even if it cannot be seen. The concept of clocking content is similar. It consists in hiding the content so that it goes unnoticed for users who visit the web and if it is taken into account by robots for indexing.

An example of hidden content is one that is written in white with a white background. Of course, if Google catches you, a safe penalty.

5. Create pages that only robots can read

 Another example of malicious SEO is that of websites that create content for search engines and other content for web users.

The goal is to get the page well positioned using a form of writing that conforms to Google standards but is not attractive to the user. Visitors to the website have other content that is more visual, attractive and less repetitive, which favors their reading and interaction.

 6. Use pages as trap doors

 The pages with trap doors are those that redirect users to a new website last several seconds. The user does not have time to see anything of the content, but the robots are able to analyze all the content in this time.

Users come to the web, which is made up of specially created content to improve positioning and that is only examined by robots, and after two seconds, they are redirected to a new page with content of interest to the user.

This method, like the rest of Black Hat SEO techniques, is penalized by search engines, which seek maximum transparency and that the content that users receive is the same as those indexed by robots.

In Ongoing Digital we advise you to develop a correct SEO strategy without falling for Black Hat techniques.

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